This Week in Sports

The Patriots go to the White House

The New England Patriots travel to the White House to crack jokes and take photos with the President.

Desmond Fumbles Not Just Once… but Eight Times

In a 15 game period Ian Desmond somehow managed to accumulate eight errors making him the Leagues record holder for the most drops.

Rule #1 in Soccer: Deny the Punch

During last nights game, Rubén de la Cuesta who plays soccer for Universitario de Sucre, slammed his palm into another players face and then denied the whole thing when he was asked what had happened.

The Atlanta Hawks are Sold for only $850 Million

After being forced to sell his team, former Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson sells the team to Antony Ressler for $850 million.

Major League Baseball Loses Another to a Torn UCL

Tigers closer Joe Nathan, 40, tore his ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) and a flexor pronator, resulting in season-ending surgery.